Oxygen Concentrator-Portable 110V Family Health Oxygen Concentrator Machine with Full Set Accessories

  • Intelligent control: LED screen large color panel, timing function with remote control, convenient to use, easy to operate.
  • The machine is powered by AC 110V, the air is the raw material, and use the French original imported high-efficiency lithium sieve, use the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) method at normal temperature,strong adsorption, strong stability.
  • Portable,is only 6.5kg,easy to remove compare to other large machine,the measured noise is as low as 42 dB,and you can let it work 24 hours continuosly.
  • The product is designed according to the standard of household appliances, which can be used for home supplementation.
  • Applicable to middle-aged and elderly people, poor physique pregnant women, students and other people with different degrees of physiological hypoxia, can also eliminate fatigue after physical or mental energy consumption, restore physical function.